Why It’s a Good Idea to “Follow Back” on Instagram

Why It’s a Good Idea to “Follow Back” on Instagram

In this short blog post we’ll share why  it’s a good idea to “follow back” on Instagram. And we test everything out on a new account that started with 0 followers.

This past weekend (approximately 4 days ago) we started a new account to test some of our processes in shaping influence and followers.

We’ll eventually convert this account into a magazine, but since it was completely new with absolutely 0 followers on March 11th 2016, we took the opportunity to test some of our tactics.

Here Are the Facts

  • Started with 0 followers

  • We did not follow this new account with other accounts we owned

  • Absolutely new account

2016-03-15_19-02-24 Gmail Screenshot

We won’t get into all the boring details (exciting to some) of our testing and cut straight to the point. Since we are documenting this process for a case study you’ll have the opportunity to follow the updates at the end of this post.


Gain relevant followers.

What We Did

  1. Started a new account with 0 followers.

  2. Added at least 6 posts/images.

  3. Over the course of 4 days we followed over 200 people in our niche doing a hashtag search for keywords in our niche (#bohostyle, #boho, #bohemian, etc.)

  4. By Day 3 we had 22 new followers.

  5. By Day 4 we had 40 new followers.

  6. On Day 4, we logged into our main account @fashionprgirl_usa.

  7. We then followed @bohostylemag.

  8. After following this new account from @fashionprgirl_usa, we received suggestions of other people to follow like this.

Follow Back

These “Suggested” accounts are actually mutual follows. For example, @gingersnapsnyc follows @bohostylemag and vice versa.

What To Do

  • Before following anyone, do a quick check on your profile. You can use our handy Instagram checklist.

  • Upload at least 6 photos so you can give potential followers an idea of what your feed is about.

  • Start following people in your niche by doing a hashtag search of words that describe your feed.


This will help you accomplish a few things:

  1. Help you start a profile without being overwhelmed.

  2. Help you connect with relevant followers using a single tactic (let’s face it, you’ll run into hundreds of tips, tricks, checklists, entire courses, etc., all of which can be overwhelming).

  3. Help you gain followers this week so you have motivation to continue developing your account.

How Does This Help You?

When you follow people who are in your category, they will potentially follow you back. When they follow you back, you’ll become a “Suggested” account to follow when anyone follows their account.

So while many people pooh-pooh the idea of “following back” because they want to keep their numbers low, they may be ignoring the opportunity to connect with individuals who are potential customers and partners.

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