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Are you feeling confused about how to best work with influencers on Instagram to build buzz and drive sales?

You’re asking: How do I find the right infuencers to work with?
What sort of budget should I be looking at? How can I manage the relationship to ensure a positive outcome?
How should I measure and report on results?


As a savvy fashion communicator, you already know the stats: At 4.21%, brand engagement rates are highest on Instagram (that’s 58x more than Facebook and 120x more than Twitter). Yet with more than 300 million users, 70 million photos posted every day, no way to easily track clicks and confusing FTC guidelines around sponsored content, developing successful Instagram collaborations is anything but straightforward. 

Not to mention, while top fashion brands may be willing to pay thousands of dollars for a single sponsored post, that’s simply not realistic for smaller brands.


With a few new tricks, you can easily transform the results you’re getting on Instagram by being smart & strategic about Influencer Collaborations.


We’ve pooled together our talents and areas of expertise (Crosby: digital storytelling, community building, fashion PR/marketing thought leader and consultant, Sharon: Instagram tech and digital analytics expert, literally built her fashion influencer outreach management platform from scratch) to create the only course out there specifically for fashion marketers, brand managers and designers on how to run a sucessful Instagram Collaboration from start to finish.



In this 4-week, self study course, we’re sharing our most effective strategies to ensure happy clients, gorgeous content and seamless collaboration between all parties.

Bottom line, when everyone looks good, everyone wins.

That’s Instappable.


  • Fashion & Accessory Marketing Professionals

  • Fashion & Accessory Brand Managers

  • Fashion & Accessory PR Professionals

  • Emerging Fashion & Accessory Designers

  • Senior-Level Public Relations & Marketing Students


We know you’re busy, so we’ve designed this as a 4-week, self-study course, with lifetime access to all your materials as well as our Instappable Facebook community.  Weekly office hours give you the option to take advantage of live instructor support as you move through the course.

Each week focuses on a particular aspect of Instagram Collaborations, taking you through our strategic planning process with templates and checklists that cover planning, development and reporting; everything you need to develop exceptional campaigns.

Instappable- Updates


Campaign Basics

  • Translating marketing goals into Instagram campaigns

  • Locating and choosing the right influencers

  • Budget Basics

  • Understanding FTC Guidelines

  • Knowing What Metrics are Important


  • Campaign Plan

  • Campaign Brief Template

  • Customer Personas Worksheet

  • KPI Dashboard Excel Template


Campaign Development

  • Defining the scope and expectations

  • Key Elements of a Successful Instagram Collaboration

  • Creating a campaign brief & checklist

  • Building an Ideal Prospect List

  • Pitching the concept to influencers


  • Influencer Checklist & Tracking Sheets

  • Sample Pitch Templates


Negotiations & Contracts

  • Thinking Like a Project Manager

  • Determining Pricing and Fees

  • Negotiating and Common Scenarios

  • Collaboration Elements You Should Include in a Contract


  • Brand Asset List Template

  • WBS and Project Management Excel Templates

  • Influencer Consulting Agreement Template

  • 2 Sample Collaboration Contracts


Measuring and Extending Results

  • Measuring and Extending Results

  • Reviewing What You’ve Measured

  • Analyzing, Interpreting & Reporting results

  • Developing a Good Presentation Flow

  • Refining plans for the next collaboration


  • Sample Campaign Results Excel Template

  • Example Powerpoint KPI Results Presentation

  • KPI Results PPT Template


Bonus – Program Extension

Extending value of the collaboration through additional marketing tactics

Get Extra Industry Expertise!

To provide even more insider perspective, we’ve asked a passionate agency CEO and top influencer with more than 100k followers to share their insights with you in the form of 2 information-dense audio interviews.

Ali Grant

CEO of Be Social PR &
Talent Management

Be Social is a premium lifestyle and beauty communications agency that specializes in public relations, social media marketing, event marketing, influencer relations, and digital publicity. In addition, the Be Social management division focuses on talent management for influencers with a specific niche, clear potential, growing unique monthly visitors and an impressive digital following.

Topic: “Influencer outreach as a service offering & agency best practices”

Simonetta Lein

Fashion Influencer

Originally from Northern Italy and currently in Philadelphia, PA, entrepreneur and philanthropist Simonetta Lein is a top fashion influencer and wish blogger with more than half a million followers. Formerly a columnist for Vanity Fair Italy, Simonetta has partnered with many of Italy’s top luxury fashion, accessory and beauty brands as an author, actress, television and radio personality, as well as through her Instagram channel.

Topic: “A look at brand collaborations from the perspective of a top fashion influencer”

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Instappable is so much more than a course, it’s a verifiable roadmap to success, including instant access to the influencer and digital media contacts you want to be working with:

  • FREE ACCESS to the Fashion PR Girl Digital Media Contacts feat. 500+ international fashion/style websites and topblogs List for 90 Days ($497 value)

  • FREE ACCESS to the Fashion PR Girl Influencer Database feat. 9k+ influencers eager to collaborate. You’ll love the ability to search influencers by budget, location, keyword, gender and of course, # of followers. ($995 value)

  • FREE Targeted Instagram Growth for 3 Months for one Instagram profile. ($90 value)

With the course, access to both Crosby and Sharon, plus access to these contact lists, you’ll be Instappable. 

Meet Your Instructors

Crosby Noricks

Founder, PR Couture

Crosby Noricks is well-recognized for putting fashion public relations on the digital map through PR Couture. Affectionately known as “the Fashion PR Bible,” PR Couture is a Top 50 PR Brand that serves up fresh insight into fashion communications as well as job leads and industry essentials. Known for her contributions as a PR mentor within the fashion industry, Crosby is the author of “Ready to Launch: The PR Couture Guide to Breaking into the Fashion PR Industry,” Founder of the PR Girl 101 Course PRISM and co-teacher of NYC-based fashion PR workshop, Fashion PR Confidential.

Sharon Herzog

Founder, Fashion PR Girl

Sharon Herzog is the Founder & President of Fashion PR Girl (Luxe Media, Inc.), a company that helps independent publishers and brands increase exposure by providing the platform and data needed to create more productive collaborations.

Sharon Herzog’s personal mission is to support the effort in empowering women and girls worldwide. Previously, she was VP of Marketing for Mr. Zog’s Sex Wax where she helped kick-start the iconic brand’s digital and social media marketing and foray into women’s apparel.



The entire value of the course, including that insane $1492 bonus is more than $2200. But we’re committed to improving the experience for both marketers, influencers and brands, and really want to get this great material into your hands.

The entire Instappable course, influding lifetime access to course materials, instructor assistance and bonuses is yours for one single payment of $247.

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To recap the goods, you’re getting access into the only in-depth program for fashion marketers that is designed to help you optimize and excel at Instagram Collaborations.

This includes an easy-to-follow, strategic planning approach, delivered in:

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Start the course for just $247 (one-time fee).


Q. When will the course start?

A. The self-study course is available on-demand and you may start the course any time. You will receive a welcome email and membership login details upon registration.

Q. When will I have access to the database?

A. You’ll get access to the Fashion PR Girl digital media contacts and influencer database of over 12k contacts within 24 hours of purchase.


Q. Do you offer a payment plan?

A. Not at the moment, but if you have an extenuating circumstance and would like to request to be considered for a payment plan, email

Q. When will you be able to grow my Instagram profile with targeted followers?

A. Within 24-48 hours.

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Your Satisfaction Is 100% Guaranteed Or Your Money Back

We want you to love this course as much as we loved putting it together. If you decide within the first 7 days that it’s simply not for you, we will refund your money, minus a processing fee of $20. All we ask is that you show us that you’ve done the work by submitting your completed worksheets and letting us know how we could have made the course more valuable for you. Easy-peasy!



You will receive 2-3 emails per week with links to your course materials for download.  We send course materials via email so you don’t have to remember where to log in. If you’d like to track your progress, view and download all course materials in one place we offer a course login so you can access materials at your convenience.  Files are in PDF, Word, Excel, PPT and MP3 format. Access to all bonus materials are also available when you log into Fashion PR Girl.
The end goal in mind is to ultimately increase exposure and sales for your business. Use the materials in the course to develop your first campaign using Instappable. Then utilize our database of Influencers to find the best match for your brand. By going through our course materials you’ll be able to execute a well-planned Instagram campaign with clear objectives.

This is the perfect time to get your hands on these materials to stay ahead of and prepare for year round sales. By enrolling now you’ll have access to live coaching to support your campaigns throughout 2016.

Yes. Your brand can be located anywhere around the world.  We have enrollees from several countries and the same information applies. Additionally, when you use our database you can sort by country and find influencers to work with whose target audience are in specific locations.

If you are having issues with international payments, you can  now use Paypal for payment. Just click on the “Checkout Using Paypal” button on the checkout page.

  • You are looking to grow your Instagram followers as an Entrepreneur or Business
  • You are a new or existing  fashion, beauty or lifestyle brand and looking to develop your audience on Instagram.
  • You are looking to increase holiday sales for 2016.
  • You are looking for new customers between the ages of 13 and 40.
  • You are a fashion marketer, brand manager, PR professional or student, fashion and accessory designer, beauty or makeup professional.
  • You are looking to develop editorial content for your brand
  • You are looking to work with or find brand ambassadors
  • You have no budget or a big budget to invest in Instagram campaigns
Yes, absolutely. Our templates were developed from real-world examples by PR Agencies and companies who work with big name brands.  You’ll find the templates extremely useful and the 2 sample contracts are worth several times more than the cost of this course alone so you are getting tons of value and material. We’ve basically done the work for you when it comes to planning, agreements and campaign guidelines.
The possibilities for leveraging Instagram Collaborations are endless. Here are just a few examples when brands collaborate with Influencers on Instagram…

  • Launching new products or collections
  • Developing a contest to collect user-generated content for website product pages
  • Offering a sweepstakes to grow and receive exposure for a brand’s Instagram account
  • Developing partners and brand ambassadors to reach new audiences
  • Limited-time offer sales

Those are just a few examples.  We even provide you with an example campaign with a real company and why they started using Instagram.

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Start the course + bonuses for just $247 (one-time fee).

We look forward to working with you!