From Atelier to Runway

Whether You’re a Fashion Designer or Influencer You Need this LookBook to Keep You in Check

In the overwhelming world of user-generated styles we sometimes forget what takes place at the core of the fashion industry.

We live in a highly-connected world where everyone matters. But not everyone has the creative gift of designing fashion that connects our visual and physical senses to our own sense of self. Right now we want to share the designs inspired by experiences that many of us can only dream of. Where instead of writing a classic novel fashion designers toil over textiles, fabrics and cuts to achieve what Charlotte Bronte does for us when we immerse ourselves in her writing. Fashion designers want to get everything just right. The stitching, the material, the creative process. It’s this type of art that we often take for granted.

Designers inspire us because they look within themselves and their experiences to produce the meaning we constantly look for in our own lives. It’s the genius that takes place from Atelier (or “Workshop” in French) that is the heart and soul of fashion designers. It’s not just a “Look”. It’s the feeling that designers want you to have when you see their collections and wear their works of art.

“Designers inspire us because they look within themselves and their experiences to produce the meaning we constantly look for in our own lives.”

In the streets of New York we see a sophisticated, young woman walking in Gucci heels and a form-fitting pencil skirt. Those heels take her to a well-known boutique on 5th Ave. and she gracefully yet confidently enters the shop. Our imagination can take us everywhere and when we see designer collections from August Getty, he allows us to capture that same feeling we get when we imagine that young women walking down 5th Avenue. His designs meld “sheer elegance, daring sex, and prevailing creativity. There will be no divide between fantasy and reality for the Getty Girl.”

Filtering Through a Lot of Noise and Arriving at Classic Vogue

From Atelier to Runway allows fashion designers and enthusiasts to appreciate the art that’s produced by those who dedicate their lives to fashion. You’ll see the detail and craftsmanship behind close to 70 collections. The SFP LookBook Atelier to Runway: New York Fashion Week Spring 2015 is the fourth edition of Schiffer Fashion Press’s (SFP) runway compendium. The author, Andrea Kiliany Thatcher, takes us behind the scenes of the prestigious Fashion Week New York to produce this perfect, hardcover book that would blend in perfectly in any luxury hotel or perhaps your own coffee table.

“The first few moments of sunrise, the instant before the sun rises and paints the sky with luminous shades of pastels, is my inspiration for my Spring 2015 collection.” – Monique Lhuilier, The SFP LookBook From Atelier to Runway: NYFW Spring 2015 Collection

There is a technical, yet creative process that happens with designers and fashion is the art that tells us about their souls. You’ll find it in “From Atelier to the Runway” launched today on Amazon and Schiffer Fashion Press.

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Sharon Herzog is the Founder of Luxe Media, Inc. She was given the opportunity to review an unbound, yet still beautiful version of From Atelier to Runway from Schiffer Fashion Press.

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