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Fashion PR Girl's Database gives you access to everything you need for more exposure using traditional media contacts and influencers on Instagram. Perfect for Fashion Brands, Marketers and Agencies who need highly targeted contacts in Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle.

Prepare to get more exposure and more sales for your business with access to over 9k+ Influencers, 500+ Media and Blog Contacts, 150+ PR Agencies, 2k+ Boutiques and management tools to develop and export Media Outreach Lists, request collaborations and grow your business.
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“We were testing out various databases and we were very happy with yours!” - PR Agency in NY

Companies and Business Owners Who Use Our Database
Women's Fashion Brands
Jewelry Designers
Men's Fashion Brands
PR Agencies
PR Consultants
Fashion & Beauty Marketers

Find the Right Media Contacts in Fashion, Lifestyle and Beauty

We update our database daily to provide you with targeted media contacts, social media profiles and their contact information. We not only offer contact details, we manually check to see if details are correct and up to date.

You'll find contacts from national and international publications as well as top blogs. When you have targeted contacts and personalized messages you'll increase your chances of getting a response from editors, journalists and bloggers...and ultimately scoring placements and mentions in top magazines and blogs.

Reach targeted audiences and potential customers through Instagram Collaborations

Using our collaboration system you can create a list of the best-fit influencers to work with, vet your potential partners and request collaborations for targeted exposure.

We have developed a way that will help you easily filter through thousands of individuals and work with only the right people. Because many of these influencers are part of our existing network we begin a vetting process to allow only responsible influencers as featured influencers, as well as offer training for best practices in communication and working with brands.


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