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About Fashion PR Girl

For fashion & lifestyle brands who need exposure for their products, Fashion PR Girl is a database that helps you quickly find the best-matched media contacts and influencers on Instagram. Unlike other influencer databases, we focus on highly-targeted micro-influencers who align with your brand’s aesthetic and also fit within budgets of growing businesses.

By becoming a part of our network, we'll work closely with you to kick-start your influencer marketing program and help you gain the exposure you need to reach a targeted customer base.

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Our Database

We started developing our database in 2004 using general media and blogger contacts, but since June 2014 we’ve developed a much more focused  database that up and coming, artisan and new designers can use as a tool to find the right media contacts for their businesses. By using our database you can by leverage the influence of fashion, beauty and lifestyle bloggers and connect with individuals who are looking to find brands that they identify with.

Since the growth and popularity of Instagram, a major part of our database focuses on Instagram Influencers. We provide you with data about the influencer from estimated fees, social stats, target country, target gender and more. You can think of Fashion PR Girl™ as the data side of Fashion PR.

How We Are Different

Many influencer platforms are funded by Venture Capital or Investment Firms, and are frequently pushed to create fast revenue and fast growth, forcing companies to unnecessarily charge thousands of dollars to businesses they work with on a monthly basis. Fashion PR Girl fits within the budgets of small businesses and understands their unique needs.

We are a privately funded small business so we don’t have to push you to spend thousands of dollars with us per month. Our team is comprised of individuals who have successfully managed businesses in the six to eight-figure revenues. We understand that not all businesses are funded with millions of dollars so we find the best ways for you to grow organically and conservatively, but take advantage of what works today when it comes to reaching the right customers and developing loyal followers.


We are based in beautiful Santa Barbara, California. We often go to events in the Los Angeles area – Santa Monica, Malibu, etc. so please reach out if you’d like to meet up!

We represent luxury, fashion, lifestyle and beauty for younger generations. We are connected to hundreds of brands and thousands of influencers around the world, from brands who influence global trends to boutique luxury brands who influence niche audiences. Fashion PR Girl pays close attention to every detail to ensure the content we publish inspires exclusive looks that define our current generation’s unique styles and personalities.

We will be donating 5% of all purchases to Girl Up, a campaign of the United Nations Foundation.

Meet with us in Los Angeles or Santa Barbara

Join us and 600-1000 other professionals every month in Santa Monica.
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Meet with us at various conferences such as WebCongress, and various entrepreneur and startup conferences around the world.


The Team


Sharon Herzog | Founder & President

Sharon Herzog founded Fashion PR Girl when she needed better data to develop a PR & Outreach strategy for newly designed women’s tees while working as VP of Marketing at Sex Wax, Inc. It started as a general media database, but developed into something even better – a way for brands to connect with the best-matched influencers in fashion, lifestyle and beauty.

Lance Ensign | Vice President, Editor-in-Chief

Lance Ensign co-founded the Fashion PR Girl brand and oversees the content published on our website and for our courses. Lance’s career in writing and speaking has laid the foundation for solid expression of stories and news that are both entertaining and informative. You can find Lance’s epic articles on Fashion PR on our blog. You can find his epic discussions about Star Trek elsewhere…

Karen Gerena | The Latina Fashionista

Karen Gerena comes from a culture where looking good and having confidence are basically requirements in life. Her fashion picks are always unique, stylish and timeless. She knows what it takes to look good, stay healthy and stay confident as a full-time mother of two gorgeous girls. She helps curate some of the content you see on Instagram.